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E.Paul Benedek

Main Details

Full name E.Paul Benedek
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Computing,Hardware & Software, Communications,Security, Medical, Surgical, Pharmacutical

Editorial work Features writing, Editing, Photography
Last updated 28-09-2011 18:09


Ex regular Soldier (Royal Corps of Signals) RGN (Rtd) Registered General Nurse ,Company Director (Medical Equipment,) Due to Artheritis had to give up driving so became a journalist some 30 years ago.
I am a Fellow of the British Institute of Management and of the Institute of Physical Distribution Managment,Ex Fellow of the Institute of Public Relations, Member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing, plus amongst others An Associate of the Institute of Water Technology.I hold a number of Patents as well as Design Rights on a number of Instruments in the field of Surgery.
I am disabled as my walking is resticted but I still manage to travel have just come back from a tour of Alaska.
As to personal likes/dislikes I like meeting new people and am continually learning about new technology which I enjoy as well as learning European langages. I dislike people who do not call a spade a spade and go all around the houses to get to a point.
As to diet I like to try new food and drink from diferent places around the world and love to travel (Now my ability limits me a little).

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