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Petsa Kaffens

Main Details

Full name Petsa Kaffens
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Beauty and fashion mainly, but will also cover travel and lifestyle My regular work is fashion for World of Cruising, beauty for Pregnancy & Birth and beauty for Esprit

Editorial work Features writing, Picture editing
Last updated 30-09-2011 09:13


Graphic art & illustration degree
Beauty editor: Bella, Best from 1988-1994; 1994-1996; Worked in NY as Beauty editor on Woman's World, Senior Beauty, Health & Fitness editor at First. 1997- to present day: freelance; Asda magazine, Bourjois, Prima, Pink Ribbon, Evening Standard, Good Housekeeping, BMW Magazine, YOu & YOur Wedding, Weight Watchers, Great Spa Hotels of the World. Live well (Hilton magazine0

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