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Piervincenzo Canale

Main Details

Full name Piervincenzo Canale
Country Italy
Primary language English
Specialist areas

IT, Internet, Computer technologies, Business, Politics, Social issues, Europe

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Sub-editing, Picture editing, Photography, Radio, Video
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I start from what I am doing now. I am freelancing for websites and magazines. Among them: Panorama.it, Pubblicaamministrazione.net, HTML.it and the monthly Internet magazine published by Edizioni Master.
I am very confident in the use of computer for editorial purposes both in print and on the web, both Microsoft's Windows and Apple Macintosh. QuarkXPress, Indesign, Dreamweaver are some of the professional programs I use.
Lately I worked for Reuters Italy, SkyTG24 in Rome, and the Italian news agency Ansa.
I worked covering editorial roles for online magazines, websites and printed publications since 2002 both in London and in Italy. I used to work for Redwood Publishing (www.redwoodgroup.net) as subeditor, for Myvillage.co.uk and Mycatseyes.com in London and for Kinternet.it in Italy as webeditor. During my time in London I also worked part-time for various market research companies exploiting extensively my language skills. Hi Europe, Kudos, Millward Brown are some of them. I worked for the English market interviewing English people, the French and the Italian market.

I am trilingual: Italian, mother tongue, English and French very fluent. I speak French since the age of sixteen. In 1993 I won a scholarship for an international student exchange program by AfS (American Field Service - www.afs.org). For one year I lived within a French family who hosted me voluntarily and I attended a French lycée studying classical subjects like literature, latin, greek, history, etc, all in French. This is also the most important experience that taught me how to overcome obstacles being in a foreign country alone, with no family nor friends to help me.

I started learning English when I was 10 years old. Since then I never stopped. I attended the University of Manchester for ten months through the Erasmus project, a student exchange program sponsored by the European Union. From January 2002 to March 2003 I lived, studied and worked in London (UK).

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