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Rupert Butler

Main Details

Full name Rupert Butler
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

General features on topical defence, business and social subjects; Press release handouts; popular history features/books.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing
Last updated 28-09-2011 18:09


In 2010, Rupert Butler published "Stalin's Secret War" (Pen & Sword) which charts the Red Army's victory over Nazi Germany, the greatest achievement of the Soviet state and of Stalin's tyrannical regime. This follows Rupert's 1966 "Stalin's Instruments of Terror", described as "a lively and accessible history of secret police oppression in the Soviet Union from 1917 to the early 1990s". He is an author and journalist who specialises for the most part in historical narratives on the origins of the Third Reich and World War Two, including "An Illustrated History of the Gestapo" Legions of Death" and "Cross of Iron"-- the latter two on occupation and resistance in Nazi-occupied Europe. He has also written narratives on individual German units. These have been written for his regular package publisher, Amber Books, where he also acts as part of the editorial team and is required to produce his work to a tight deadline.

He also writes for the magazine "Warship International Fleet Review", contributing articles on exhibitions, maritime sales at the main auction houses and historic anniversaries.

Rupert is a member of the Society of Authors and livers in central London.

Rupert Butler has worked in various sections of the media all his professional life, including newspaper and magazine journalism, book writing and public relations. After a brief spell in PR, writing publicity material for a US TV production company, he moved to being Features Editor and feature writer for an Independent Television listing magazine, The Viewer. Before turning fulltime freelance, he worked for the London Press Service of the Central Office of Information, a Government body publicising the UK. This entailed commissioning features, writing news stories and subediting. Throughout his working life, he has freelanced for a couple of features agencies, mainly writing topical news features. He currently writes on exhibitions and heritage events for Warships International Fleet Review

With an ongoing interest in world war two, Rupert has produced up to a dozen books, popular histories primarily on the role of the Wehrmacht and the SS. His most recent book, published in 2006, is a departure, "Stalin's Instruments of Terror", a heavily illustrated account of the life of the Russian dictator.

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