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Kirsten Davies

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Full name Kirsten Davies
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
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Childrens health and nutrition all aspects of health based on good nutrition. Recipes Nutrition Food as a remedy

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Last updated 24-09-2012 17:06


My interest in the link between diet and health started at the age of 16, when following what I perceived was a very healthy vegetarian diet left me feeling constantly tired. A visit to the GP and blood tests actually showed that I was in fact malnourished! My idea of a ‘healthy diet’ had left me with iron deficiency anaemia, B12 levels so low they suspected I had pernicious anaemia and very low levels of good bacteria in my Gut, which was causing my immune system to be compromised. Further tests showed thankfully that all I had was an extremely poor diet! As crazy as it now seems to admit I had never before linked my diet to my health.

I went to University and completed a degree in Early Childhood Studies then went on to become an ABA therapist and cared for autistic children, it was during this time that one of the parents spoke to me about how her daughters’ behaviour had dramatically improved through her changing her diet. The change was so dramatic there was no way it could have been a coincidence. The seed planted at 16 had once again been watered and I became determined to find out as much as possible about the effect of what we put into our bodies had on health and mind.

After qualifying as a nutritionist I started an internship in Harley Street, London before founded The Food Remedy in 2010. I love to help people realise that food is very powerful and what we eat can affect us in such a profound way. Affecting everything from how we look, how we feel, the energy we have our and even our resistance to disease.

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