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Melody Amsel-Arieli

Main Details

Full name Melody Amsel-Arieli
Country Israel
Primary language English
Specialist areas

general genealogy, Jewish genealogy, Jewish history: methodology,case studies social history: occupations, everyday life, the arts, etc collectibles -- anything and everything

Editorial work Features writing
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My articles appear regularly in newspapers and magazines across the UK , US, and Canada.

I write crisp, clear, creative non-fiction about collectibles, history, genealogy, and anything else that strikes my fancy….

My best traits are curiosity, perseverance and a way with words .

I’m also the author of Between Galicia and Hungary: The Jews of Stropkov (Avotaynu 2002), a history of the Jews of the Slovakian town that was home to my Amsel clan until 1942.

I’m currently writing Jewish Lives: Britain 1750-1950, due to be published in 2013 (Pen & Sword). It will feature the life-stories of ten individual Jews who immigrated to Britain between 1750 and 1950, based on actual genealogical research. Their tales, enriched by a variety of sources, reflect the experiences of all Jewish immigrants as they settled in their adopted land. Hopefully, the book will interest family historians and researchers– Jewish and non-Jewish alike– by offering parallels with their own lives and the lives of their ancestors. Hopefully, it will also inspire readers to pursue their own quest for information and understanding of their past.

In my next life, I’ll earn a Ph.D. in European history….

I welcome writing opportunities: articles, projects, editing, new literary ventures….

I’d love to hear from you.

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