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Vasil Gligorov

Main Details

Full name Vasil Gligorov
Country Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Freelance journalist/political analysts from Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM; MKD), stationed in Skopje; Access to high-volume databases (public archives, both analogue and digitized). Networked with a number local NGO, VIP. Advanced photo reporting. Basic video reporting with provided video-editing, subtitling and overall optimization and transcripts. 1. University specialization (first-rank competence): archivist science and methodology, document interpretation, all-source analysis, historiography, Macedonian issue (Greek-FYROM conflict: historic, cultural, political/diplomatic and economic dimensions). Historiographical and economical academic writing. 2.Technologies: Windows XP/7; OpenSuse Linux. Software: Microsoft Word,Excell, Adobe Acrobat, Audition, Dreamweaver InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro 3; Open Office. A variety of text, image, video, sound editors and convertors. Utilization of open-source license and a number of global academic commercial databases. Readiness to take full load of work in all domestic locations with rigid observation of timelines of tasks. 3. CAE (Certificate in Advanced English; University of Cambridge, UK via British Council exam) 4. Languages: Serbian, Slavic Macedonian & standard Bulgarian, English, German (fair), Russian (fair). Transliteration & Romanization ISO rules known for Cyrillic; MLA & Chicago Manual of Style used, unless Media house demands compliance to its style.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Picture editing, Photography, Video
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Expert on analytical all-source in depth analysis of Balcanological news. Timely delivery of case analysis formed as adaptable to journal-in-demand form from aspect of style, reading-level, background provision.

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