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Elvira Bornich

Main Details

Full name Elvira Bornich
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Extensive experience in writing about health, fitness, vegetarian and vegan cooking, female bodybuilding, supplements, diets, nutrition, weight management and longevity. Have personal interests in self-improvement, cryonics, transhumanism and medical science. Can also write about London's alternative lifestyle, fashion and music.

Editorial work Features writing, Editing, Sub-editing, Picture editing, Video
Last updated 02-04-2012 18:53


I consider myself an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness, as I have spent over 7 years of reading, taking cources and doing my research on various health and fitness related subjects. I update my knowledge every single day, when I read or write something heath and fitness related, exercise, and cook healthy, nutritious and delicious meals. I am concentrating on optimum nutrition and lifestyle for longevity and cognitive enhancement.

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