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Murdoch MacDonald

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Full name Murdoch MacDonald
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Alcoholism and related addictions, radical recovery from alcoholism and related addictions. The outdated myths and dogma of Alcoholics Anonymous, and the scandal of how private clinics are making fortunes out of piggy-backing on AA. Also business and finance articles, especially relating to Scotland. PR writing and other public relations activity including search engine optimisation undertaken for clients or on an ad hoc basis. See my full resumee on www.LinkedIn.com

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Radio
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Murdoch MacDonald and his wife Lilian are becoming world-famous for their ground-breaking views on alcoholism and other addictions. Murdoch and Lilian have long been critics of the traditional outlook of Alcoholics Anonymous, which views alcoholism as an incurable disease to which the only answer is lifelong sobriety. Murdoch and Lilian, from life-threatening personal experience, have discovered that alcoholism and other addictions are behaviour problems stemming from problems in childhood, and that alcoholics, by identifying and addressing these issues from the past, can recover to the extent of being able to drink safely and normally again, if and when they so wish. Find out more by visiting Murdoch and Lilian's website at www.alcoholicscandrinksafelyagain.com

A graduate of Magdalene College, Cambridge University, Murdoch is a journalist and broadcaster of more than 30 years standing.

He is currently Business Editor of three local newspapers in Ayrshire Scotland: the Ayrshire Post, Kilmarnock Standard and Irvine Herald.

He also undertakes freelance writing and press assignments.

Murdoch and Lilian have written a book about recovery from alcoholism called "Phoenix in a Bottle" published by Melrose Books - www.melrosebooks.com - it is also available from Amazon UK - www.amazon.co.uk

ISBN 9781905226146

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