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Justine Marklew

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Full name Justine Marklew
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
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My name is Justine Marklew, I’ve been a journalist for 14 years, having completed my post graduate in magazine journalism at Highbury College in Portsmouth. I‘ve been working as a freelance journalist ever since. My work is published in all the women’s weekly and monthly magazines, such as Take A Break, That’s Life, Chat, Pick Me Up, Real People, Bella, Women’s Own and Full House.The most difficult story I’ve ever found and had published is a story about a wife who stood by her husband who was a multiple rapist and had recently been released form prison. Persuading them both to talk openly about his crimes, their relationship and reaction to them both from other people, was extremely difficult. Remaining objective and focused after understanding the horrific nature of those crimes was very difficult. I pride myself on being a writer that really does connect on an emotional and empathetic level with the reader and the case study.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing
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