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Ulla Mahaka

Main Details

Full name Ulla Mahaka
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Family, relationships, real life, women's and men's interests, health and beauty, children and teenagers, young people, Black, Ethnic, Minority, parenting, family, BME community, Single Parents, Immigration

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Photography
Last updated 15-04-2015 14:53


I am a mother of two boys living and working in London's inner cities. Running a voluntary organisation keeps me grounded and in touch with everyday heroes who are seldom honoured in the press or media. Mother, fathers, children and young people.

My interests and passion are about all people without a voice. I believe everyone should be heard, especially those who are viewed by the majority as going against the grain. They shouldn't be told to "shut up and go away". Instead, open a dialogue by asking "why?" Then let the communication flow by all parties saying what they mean and meaning what they say.

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