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Dung Vo Trung

Main Details

Full name Dung Vo Trung
Country France
Primary language French
Specialist areas

Society, Geopolitics, Economy, Science & Technology, Asia.

Editorial work News writing, Photography, Video
Last updated 28-09-2011 18:09


Dung Vo Trung was born in Viêt-Nam in 1961. He studied literature, philosophy and sociology in Hô-Chi-Minh City and Paris. After having left his country in 1983, he started to work as a free lance journalist and photographer since 1989 with Gamma and Cosmos agencies. Dung Vo Trung became Sygma\'s member from 1997 to 2003. With five others photojournalists, he co-founded Orizon Photography in 2005.\r\nCurrently, he is based both in Paris / Hô Chi Minh City and works mostly in Asia ( China, Viêt-Nam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia,...)

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