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Nikki Alexander

Main Details

Full name Nikki Alexander
Country Spain
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Ethology - Animals - general - behaviour - wildlife, companion animals, animals in captivity, animal rescue. Environmental Issue Womens Issues - Domestic Violence, single motherhood, raising kids Specialist - Dog behaviour, heirarchy, pack systems, specialise in aggression, rehabilitating aggressive/problem behaviours and solutions to dog problem on the whole. Have worked in animal related field for over 20 years, rehabilitaion and psychology companion animals, training most species including marine mammals,

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Photography
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I worked initially as a veterinary nurse but became concerned about the huge numbers of dogs being presented with behavioural problems. I went on to further study animal behaviour with organisations including the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, The Blue Cross, and gained further experience whilst working as a volunteer for the RSPCA. I had taken several problem dogs and took on a vewry dangerous and aggressive Rottweiller, abused and beaten he had little trust in humans. We worked with him for months and he finally regained his trust and reducing his need to display the aggression. He lived with us in our family home where I raised my two children. One of the worst dogs exhibiting defensive aggression I had seen, he was considered a vicious and dangerous dog only due to his experiences at the hands of humans. I later returned to study a National Diploma in Science and Animal care and gained an overall distinction, including my one year thesis on canine aggression. I completed many modules including canine studies Level I & II, farming, food and milk production, health and safety, kennel and cattery management, pet shop management, assessing animals in captivity, animal welfare and legislation. I worked at Battersea at Brands Hatch during this period and gained further experience assessing and training the dogs whilst assisting owners with problems at my local PDSA. I was later employed as the behaviourist at a small rescue organisation in Kent whilst starting to work freelance. I also undertook a marine mammal care and training course at Seaworld in Florida and went on to study further animal behaviour and science at Hadlow Agricultural college in my first year of university before moving to Spain. I am currently writing a book as well as writing the Animal page for the Costa Del Sol News.

The Sur in English 2005 ~ Circus Animals
Extra pets magazine 2007 ~ Raising puppies, Preventing aggression in dogs -
The Gazette ~ Puppy training 6 part series
Costa Del Sol News - currently feature writer of the pet page. Various articles.

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