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Phoebe Forsythe

Main Details

Full name Phoebe Forsythe
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

An astrologer with a broadcast and print background in news, documentaries and current affairs, she is well qualified to provide you with interesting, well written and thouroughy researched material in the field of New Age spirituality, alternative health and divination, including astrology, tarot and the I Ching, as well as horoscopes tailored to your publications target audience.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing
Last updated 28-09-2011 18:09


Astrologer, Phoebe Forsythe, has her own website, Astro-sphere.co.uk where she posts monthly predictions, offers astrology reports for sale, as well as articles related to matters esoteric. Her unique approach to astrology, focusing on mundane predictions and 'phasic astrology' means that she can offer horoscopes that are a little bit different to your average sun sign column.

Currently, she is a regular contributor to the Harmony Healing newsletter (www.harmonyhealing.co.uk) and is the resident astrologer for the practitioner directory, Energies in Action. (www.eia.co.uk - see News section)

With over 10 years of freelancing experience in the broadcast, film production and newspaper industries, she is capable of producing more than just written material! Former London resident and in-house astrologer for The London Project, she now lives and works in Canterbury.

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