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James Delingpole

Main Details

Full name James Delingpole
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Besides writing general features, I do political and social comment - funny, angry, ranty pieces, largely from a right-wing libertarian perspective, railing against the cant of the age. Eg I'm pro the legalisation of drugs; pro-nuclear; pro-academic selection in schools; pro GM; pro-foxhunting I'm against wind farms; climate change hysteria; Ken Livingstone; bendy-buses; speed cameras; taxes

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Radio
Last updated 28-09-2011 18:09


I'm married with three children (21, 9, 7 - two male, one female) so I can do kid's stuff
A hypochondriac, so I can do health stuff.
A novelist, so I can write.
A tax payer so I hate the government.
Busy, so you'll have to pay me lots.

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