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Martin Plenderleith

Main Details

Full name Martin Plenderleith
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Nuclear Decommissioning - insight into policy at the NDA in the UK. Also a professional Voice artist for 30 years, mainly in the corporate sector. Also regular broadcaster for the BBC in Local and Regional radio. Digital TV Switchover - I'm currently working with DUK and the BBC on programs to ensure a smooth transition to Digital during the next 5 years. Working region by region within the Switch areas to make the public aware of the changes and to offer subsidised help to certain groups who qualify under the BBC Help Scheme criteria.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Photography, Radio, Video
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After 32 years in the broadcast industry I can provide comment on a number of (mainly) radio issues. Since 1987 a regular contributor on technical "re-writes" for the nuclear and marine-engineering industry.
My production company Voxman has provided promotional materials (mainly audio and script) for In-House PR and B2B since 1990.

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