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Jerome Burne

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Full name Jerome Burne
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

I've a working knowledge of recent research in most of the biological sciences - Brain , psychology, genetics and do a number of stories on cutting edge research. I've written a lot on most health areas - cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, arthritis, gut disorders, vaccinations, learning disorders I've also extensively covered the drug industry and the way the evidence base for drugs' safety and effectiveness can be tampered with - anti depressant SSRIs, Vioxx, the antipsychotic drugs. I well informed on clinical nutrition and the way it can help treat chronic disorders such as arthritis, IBS, heart disease, diabetes, etc

Editorial work News writing, Features writing
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1990 to present: Freelancing on medical, health and biological sciences. Editor of award winning newsletter Medicine Today.
1970 to 1990 - worked for a various publications including Time Out (Edited), London Daily News, Evening Standard, Express Magazine, Edited best-selling book series Chronicle of the World and Chronicle of the 20th
Education: Cranleigh and Oxford - Psychology and Philosophy.

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