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Michael Wale

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Full name Michael Wale
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

I write about agricultural and environmental matters, especially including open space used by the public, such as allotments and community growing. I am also writing a book abou thow smaller farmers can feed the world. It is nearly finished. My last book was about inner city allotments View From A Shed.Latest feature credits Farm Business. Sunday Times business. The Smallholder, Natural Products magazine.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Radio, Video
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Michael Wale presented sport on BBC-TV London and the South East nightly for many years. Although he still broadcasts occasionally on sport, especially rowing for LBC a battle to save his local allotments caused him to turn to writing about the environment. He was brought up on a farm in East Sussex. He leads a large allotment association in West London, which was threatened with closure until he led a long fight to save the. He also opposed the destruction of 100 year old allotments to make way for a concrete walkway to the 2012 Olympics. His book about his allotment fight and personaiities View From A Shed ( Allison and Busby) was published three years ago. Currently he is writing a book about t how small farmers can feed the world, and a play about allotments. In the past he wrote comedy for David Frost,Tony Hancock and many others. As a campaigner he wants to see hospital food overhauled and made nourishing, after experiencing a stay in hospitals run by the Imperial Health Trust in London

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