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Dave Ahern

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Full name Dave Ahern
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
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In a time where everyone with a laptop is trying their best to be Jeremy Clarkson (well apart from Clarkson who is desperately trying to be Rowan Atkinson in Black Adder) I just want to be myself. My writing has gotten very strong responses from both the public and the food insutry, then again publishing a piece called Cork, Where the Bistro Came to Die is likely to get a response.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Photography
Last updated 08-11-2014 17:11


I write about food and life and anything else that takes my interest. I wrote a weekly food column for the Cork News which has a circulation of 60,000 and had the biggest and most popular column in the paper.
I am currently finishing my first book which is a sort of cook book but with a great deal more swearing and drinking stories than your average offereing and looking to expand the readership for my writing.
I will put up some of my previous published work to give you an idea of my writing.

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