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Kevin Fitzmaurice-Brown

Main Details

Full name Kevin Fitzmaurice-Brown
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Photo-journalist who has been providing the very finest images around the world for years. Very long list of top media and commercial clients. Totally reliable and professional. News - PR - Advertising - Creative Fashion - still life, product etc. Comprehensive image picture library with top quality images

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Sub-editing, Picture editing, Photography, Radio
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Began on local newspaper in the 1970's soon providing news pics and Advertising work to nationals and london agencies. Went freelance and worked around Europe, mainly Spain and Gibraltar. Reuters. AP. stringer. Worked for major industrial and commercial companies. Returned to UK Mid 1980's Started own local newspaper in Sussex, First in UK on computer.
Covered Gatwick airport for 18 months only photographer admitted full time on the premises. Worked for all daly's and many magazines together with ad work for airlines.
1990's went to cover Kurds in Gulf war, front pages, double page spreads. Moved to Wiltshire Freelancing for all. Won national in house publication award for work on Wiltshire County Council publication. Designed and built large boat and moved to Wales, Milfrod Haven, centre of LNG gas & oil for UK.
Available for most work. Totally professional and reliable. Top quality work always guaranteed.
New stock library at www.the-picture-collection.co.uk

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