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Ashish Sharma

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Full name Ashish Sharma
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

I have spent over 12 years working as a broadcast journalist for the BBC mainly for World Service Sport. My main plan is to be based in Madrid from the end of August 2008 and provide the highest level of coverage in sport, primarily La Liga with access to the top clubs and to top interviews. I have also just finished working for Oxfam where i spent a year working on climate change issues and environmental impact. Again i ahve good environemtnal contacts through oxfam in Spain and am happy to work on any such issues Finally, while I will be freelancing for the BBC but am also looking to develop vnr clips to be put on websites.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Photography, Radio
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I have worked for the BBC as a broadcast journalist for over 12 years. i began as a bimedia freelancer, then worked for the BBC asian Network as a South Asia political reporter, then spent around nine years working for BBC Sport, for the World Service and for 5 Live.

I have just finished working with international developmental NGO Oxfam working on issues to do with climate change

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