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Kevin Ashton

Main Details

Full name Kevin Ashton
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

• Being a working chef as well as a food writer, I can offer a unique perspective on a food story. Using my experience and contacts within the food world to give a more rounded approach to any food or travel story. • Published: In various newspapers and magazines on both sides of the Atlantic (online and hardcopy). I write for both trade and consumer publications. • Adept at interviewing celebrity chefs because of my culinary background which puts them at ease. • Social Media: Have used social media to share my content and give me a lot of google page 1 results. • Blogging: I have been writing online for 10 years and have a very large social footprint and 53,181 followers on my blog. • Search Engines: I am on every search engine in the world which helps boost any commission I am given. Just google chef Kevin Ashton. • Public Speaking: Confident due to my love of performing cooking demonstrations in front of large audiences in the UK and abroad.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Picture editing, Photography, Radio, Video
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Internationally experienced chef worked in Holland, Bermuda and Washington DC.
Cooking for the rich and famous including presidents and royalty.
Here is a sample pictorial of some my career, just click on a photo for more information.

Wrote a recipe column for the Sunday Mercury for 5 years.

I started writing a food blog started in February 2006, and it has recently passed 20million page views. I started tracking visitors in September 2008, I've received 4,363,109 visitors and have over 52,086 followers via Networkedblogs.

Networkedblogs currently has over 1.7 million blogs and my little blog is the top in food and recipe categories ahead of Bon Appetite Magazine.

In April 2015, I began moving my food blog to the Wordpress platform https://wannabetvchefblog.wordpress.com/
The cleaner, less cluttered appearance gives my recipes and photos chance to shine.

Besides my recipes, I also write articles about food issues

Or travelogues like this one about the island of Pag

Reviewed Cookbooks

And test drive kitchen appliances

Various recipes and articles have been picked up by Reuters UK, Reuters US and American newspapers including the Chicago Sun-Times.

Click on this link for google results for Chef Kevin Ashton

I've also written articles for various magazines including Yes Chef, Hotline and My Time.
Being a chef, I can offer a unique "insider" perspective to any food based story.

Here is an example freelance recipe I wrote for the Sunday Express

Still a working chef who teaches and performs cooking demonstrations including the BBC.

For the Guild of Food Writers 2010
Chef/judge at the 4th International Tapas Competition, Valladolid, Spain in November 2012.
Chef/judge at the World Steak Challenge, London October 2015.

I continue to receive a growing list of invitations from the food industry for press trips both home and abroad.

Media Interviews:
Interviewed by New York radio station in July 2015 and by a Spanish radio station in October 2015.
A Chilean gourmet magazine wrote a 4-page article about me in September 2015.