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Unathi Kondile

Main Details

Full name Unathi Kondile
Country South Africa
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Before anything else... I am a writer. Thereafter I provide a media consultancy service around the following: Analysing South African media trends, providing alternative media strategies for working within a South African media context. This is largely for emerging entrepreneural media ventures, but also available to established international outlets that would like to tap into a South African market. Research specialist on areas pertaining to radio, travel writing and narrative journalism. Document Editing (English and Xhosa). Teach Dreamweaver and website aesthetics on a tertiary and private level. Producing radio features on various South African current affairs and Arts&Entertainment reports for international radio markets. Producing radio adverts, radio dramas and sound pieces for artists who utilise audio installations. Sometimes delve into satirical, non-serious, social commentary writer.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Sub-editing, Radio
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Holds an MA in Media Studies, BA (Hons) Media Theory & Practise degree and a BA Film & Media Degree - all from the University of Cape Town. Research areas of interest include amongst many the role of Unexplored Role of Radio in South Africa, Transformation within South African Media and Africanising Journalism for Writers Within an African Context. His Master of Arts thesis focussed on the performative nature of talk within commercial music radio stations in South Africa - an attempt at expanding what little literature exists on radio in South Africa.

Another area of interest and journalistic leisure is travel writing - with a penchant for satirizing and looking at destinations from the most unexpected angles.

Have been producing international radio stories as well as feature articles since 2005.

Sample reportage style featured on G8 Live website:

Sample audio report - with Zimbabwean artist Oliver Mtukudzi:

Sample columnist-styled leisure writing for News24:

A sample Travel feature I recently produced for Lonely Planet: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/travelstories/author/kondile_unathi/

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