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Kadiyali Srivatsa

Main Details

Full name Kadiyali Srivatsa
Country Germany
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Acute and emergency paediatric care, family and private medical practice. Inventor of concept, conceived after working as a doctor in acute and intensive care, GP, emergency care triage and private healthcare in London. After seeing the difficulties and experienced the frustration that exists for both doctors and patient alike, I collected, analyzed data for six years and compiled a list of symptoms and illness that make people get worried and anxious. Based on this knowledge and research I have developed this simple tool called “Maya” (Medical Advice You Access) to help you alleviate your anxiety” Providing healthcare to every human in the universe may not be practically possible, but we have used the communication technology to deliver. Helping fellow human by educating and offering information, Maya can help reduce wasted consultation and stress. Now I have produced an APP that will be made available for registered users. After all as doctors we can cure only sometime and in general practice dramatic specific cures are infrequent (John Fry)

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Sub-editing, Picture editing, Photography, Radio, Video
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Worked as doctor in hospitals (paediatrics, neonates and intensive care) since 1983 and has developed various alternatives to perform practical procedures. My mission is to help reduce spreading antibiotic resistant bacteria in our community.
MAYA was developed to help reduce people visiting hospitals and clinics to reduce cross contamination of bacteria.

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