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Daniele Baron

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Full name Daniele Baron
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

I am actually currently studying journalism in Leeds. I am the founder and editor of our student newspaper at Leeds Trinity and All Saints in Horsforth, Leeds. I am well taught on QuarkExpress and Avid Express to edit video. More than anything I would love some more experience in the industry and summer internships, esoecially in TV and magazine.

Editorial work Features writing, Sub-editing, Radio, Video
Last updated 28-09-2011 18:09


I am studying in Leeds at the moment, coming towards the end of my second year. I am 20 years old but already have achieved so much and been to some national companies with the industry. I absolutely love the industry and everything about it! I have done so much work experience already and have create a number of contacts through the different opportunities.

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