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I AM AN AUTHOR OF SCIENCE BOOKS AND ALSO CHIEF EDITOR OF MY OWN PUBLISHING COMPANY WHICH IS ESTABLISHED TO DEVELOP YOUNG AUTHORS FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK www.rasvusi-liberator.blogspot.com the name of my book is CONTAMINATED LIBERTY AND MEDICAL PROCEDURAL ART it is through this magnificent work of art that I'm well defined than the way I may choose to define myself to you. I'm a painter of the thoughts and a poet of social change. I write any kind of a story my own way. I am a genuine writer of truth. I studied journalism at TUT and specialised in printing and broadcasting, passed both in record time. I have studied both aforementioned subjects from first to third level and passed them very well. I am also having photojonarlism one and two. The most interesting part is that above all I also have a very good background of law and specifically legal communication which I have studied when I was doing LLB at the University of the north. even though I didn't complete my studies I am very sure that I have done justice to myself when it comes to accumulating enough knowledge in communication subjects. As if that is not enough I interacted a lot with great managers and professors of TUT during the time when I was a campus SRC president in 2005/2006. I know channels of communication and the chain of power, which makes it easier for me to secure best appointments at any level of power without difficulties. I'm always ready to carry the most difficult assignment on behalf of any media company. TRY ME!!!

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Sub-editing, Picture editing, Photography, Radio, Video
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BORN 05/09/1976 AT LIPOMPO OLIFANTSHOEK, i'm a tsonga speaking person who is currently interacting with people from all over the world because I'm working at a Sterkinekor cinema house in Brooklyn mall Pretoria. I spend more time in our cinema studio, helping our projectionists to make up movies and to play them. above that I ensure that a smooth presentation of movies takes place. MY COUNTRY IS SOUTH AFRICA

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