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Isabelle Mazzoni

Main Details

Full name Isabelle Mazzoni
Country United States
Primary language English
Specialist areas

I write about food in general, from restaurant reviews to recipe development, top food destinations and local street food. I have a true passion for food and try to relate it thru my writings and my pictures. I am always looking for creative and unique techniques or ingredients, always trying to bring something new to my readers. I write both in French and English.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Photography
Last updated 01-08-2016 16:30


French and American photographer/ food writer and cooking instructor, Isabelle Mazzoni has a profound interest in food.

Born in France and raised in Italian families, Isabelle develops very early an interest for food and cooking. She often say that her palate was trained by numerous family dinners and restaurants, from the best tables in the world to the local street food, she will try anything once and is always looking for new ingredients, cooking techniques and inspiration.

Recently, she has created a website Joie De Table where she shares her recipe and restaurant reviews.

Isabelle is a cooking instructor and has started Les Gastronomes du Dimanche to teach simple French Bistro recipes.

Isabelle has lived in San Francisco since 1997.

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