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Laura Saravia Winning

Main Details

Full name Laura Saravia Winning
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Business and general news expert, TV producer/director, production manager and reporter. Communications and media adviser and specialist. Years of Latin American knowledge.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Video
Last updated 01-02-2012 10:48


A very experienced and highly agile journalist, broadcast manager, executive producer, producer and director with over 20 years experience in the field, the edit room as well as in management and in the production planning or editorial process, logistics and budgeting. Key skills include: a natural instinct for news stories and coverage planning, and broad experience in leading a complex media unit and a very experienced and trained eye for TV production as well as a creative approach to challenges. A seasoned, highly organized and creative producer that can work from complex multi-crew live events to directing highly specialized documentary programmes or production management for some of the most discerning and demanding broadcasters in the World.
I enjoyed decades of experience directing a complex news, sports and entertainment operation for NBC Universal. I took part of the GE Corporate Coaching, Management and Leadership training. I have also produced, directed and production managed new media and high end projects for TV and web.

Recent History:

- Production manager of the FIFA-Coke World Cup Trophy Tour in Africa. I was in charge of designing and managing the World Cup Trophy Tour in Africa, creating and delivering 30 films in a multi purpose distribution platform for a world wide client base. The films and widgets were put out for Fifa.com and Coke. http:/celebrations.coca-cola.com/TrophyTour.

- Producer/director of "Weathering the storm" 22' X 1 for BBC World, commissioned by Rockhopper TV 2009. http:/www.rockhopper.tv/programmes/291

- Production Coordinator of Climate Change series (8 x 50 mins) for BBC World via Rockhopper TV. www.rockhopper.tv

- Freelance Senior live producer at Fox Business News and Fox News in London Studios.

- Producer, Series The Other America for BBC World ( 5 x 22') Rockhopper TV, UK.

- Producer, Series La Otra America for Hispanic broadcasters (5 x 22') Rockhopper TV, UK.

- Development phase, Mega City for Andrew Marr. BBC1 via Ricochet, UK.

- Production coordinator, The truth behind 2012, Peacock Productions USA for NBC.

- Freelance Producer, Dateline NBC.

-2007-2009 – Development Producer, development phase Young Bullfighters in Mexico, Rainmaker productions UK.

- Field Producer, Back to Hidalgo, Anderson Cooper 360, Correspondent Soledad O Brien. CNN.

- Producer, Sunken Cruise ship in Antarctica, Punta Arenas, Chile NBC

- Various immigration long format stories for CNN and NBC in México and South and North borders.

- Kill or Cure series for BBC World, Rockhopper TV.

- On air reporting for On the record with Greta for Fox News, ITN, NBC Universal and Al Jazeera.

- PR and media strategist for Alicia Barcena, UN undersecretary and Secretary General for the UN Economic Commission for Latin America. I led her media campaign in Mexico when she was appointed in these roles and when she supported Mexico’s Climate Change Campaign.

Previous History:

1992-2007 --NBC Universal Latin America bureau chief based in Mexico City, handling the region's operation for all of the NBC Network group and affiliates. In this role, I was in charge of over 30 people, overseeing the production of the most important news, features, sports and entertainment events that occurred in the region in the past 15 years, leading the content production and editorial aspects of countless stories and TV projects, and generating content for all TV formats that are part of the NBC Universal group. As such, I was responsible of turning the operation over to digital in 2004 and led a facility upgrade. I handled a budget of over 3 M USD a year and had HR and payroll responsibilities. In this role, I also covered and produced countless events over the years—Pope trips, White House pools, hurricanes, earthquakes and all kinds of presidential visits and breaking news.

2003/2006- NBC Universal/Telemundo: I led the integration of Telemundo Mexico News' group to the overall NBC Mexico operation as their manager. I was in charge of production and postproduction of news, sport and entertainment content, developing new shows produced by this unit and creating a multipurpose and digital platform that increased productivity by 300 per cent in all disciplines, turning Telemundo's Mexico City bureau into an efficient and competitive outfit. I led the integration of the team, creating new workflows and implemented synergies to maximize the benefits of the new shared platform. I implemented leadership and team building and integration skills acquired during personal and corporate training.

2003 to 2007- As NBC Universal Bureau chief, I led PR and Media campaigns for GE. I was appointed as general producer, anchor and director of live broadcasts for GE's CEO Jeff Immelt in Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Sao Pablo, with whom I worked personally. I also led the GE Day PR campaign at the Technological Museum in Mexico City and was part of PR campaigns to support NBC’s integration with Telemundo.

1997-2007- I contributed written reports, as well as audiocasts, phoners and investigations to msnbc.com. Those can be checked on line. During this time, I also covered and field produced a lot of news and feature stories in the region-from presidential White House trips and TV pools, and summits, to breaking news, features, long formats and documentaries. I specialized on natural disasters, environmental and immigration stories. I also covered political stories and most news events in the region during that time and interviewed personalities such as Al Gore, Fidel Castro, Vicente Fox, Carlos Salinas, Hugo Chavez, Pope John Paul II, George Bush, Alberto Fujimori, Ernesto Zedillo, Nestor Kirchner, Senator Mc Cain, amongst others.

2003-2006 2000-2007- I researched the growth and behavior of the Hispanic market in the US, one of the country's most dynamic development segments. The work led to a conference on the Hispanic market delivered to GE-s CEC board as well as a special broadcasted debate on immigration of Hispanics to the US. I was also a consultant on the matter for several company projects targeting this segment.

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