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Gary Austin

Main Details

Full name Gary Austin
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Documentary and Photojournalist working in the following areas: Humanitarian Issues and Disasters for Non Government Organisations (NGO's) & Charities. News, Social Issues, Travel and Culture, Environmental Issues and Politics, Current Affairs, Protests, PR Events etc. I also do Multimedia, audio, art exhibitions, I teach photography and participatory art, social media for businesses and I am progressing into video.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Picture editing, Photography
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I have been a photojournalist and documentary photographer for more than 25 years covering social issues, the environment and news events. I undertake assignments and commissions for NGO’s, national newspapers and on occasions companies.

I define myself specifically as a documentary photographer rather than a photographer in the generic sense of the word and have a wide ranging interest in art in all sorts of forms, but find pretty photographs unimportant in comparison to factual photographs that can cause change or raise awareness of unreported issues.

I always try to tell the story, and most of my individual photographs are stories in and of themselves and on occasions I work in the sub genre of photojournalist when restrictions don’t allow for an in-depth or long term study.

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