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Kari Rosenberg

Main Details

Full name Kari Rosenberg
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

I am currently working at The Jewish News and Media Group, a niche regional newspaper with a readership of around 90,000. Features Editor of the newspaper as well as Features Editor of the fashion and lifestyle magazine Pulse, and Editor of the bridal - style magazine Simchas, there is never a quiet day in the office. Specialising in film, theatre, event and food reviews as well as interviews with celebrities and leading community figures, my substantial portfolio holds a real mixture of work across the features board – from health to travel, fashion to politics. Versatile, hard working, conscientious and efficient, I pride myself on always submitting work well in advance of deadline.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing
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On a small editorial team, I source and write most of the features for the entertainment, arts and events section of the newspaper; an average of three a week for the paper alone, as well as a sizeable chunk of the features for both the magazines and the monthly supplements. Editing is required for the rest of the features section of the newspaper submitted by contributors – cooking, tradition and travel, as well as commissioned features for both magazines.
The combined roles require immense people management skills. Ensuring contributors work and stick to a tight brief and deadline often involves a lot of sub-editing and chasing, throughout which it is imperative to stay professional – and calm.
I am also in charge of uploading all of the newspaper features onto the website via cms, as well as updating social networking sites with competitions (which I also source!), discussions, groups and links.
My current role demands exceptional organisation ability as well as the knack of working well under pressure. Resourceful time management is key - almost to the minute - which can be achieved through colourful spreadsheets and a lot of caffeine.
On top of all that I also try and do as much freelance work as possible, having recently completed a large feature for You magazine as well as helping to devise a concept for a new BBC TV documentary with a prominent BBC Producer and Director - although this is still in the early stages.
I have great contacts and am a good networker, with a large and varied portfolio, and experience in editing, writing and commissioning. I have a strong editorial nose and enjoy hunting out stories and characters. Ambitious, outgoing and enthusiastic, I am looking to take my experience and contacts to a broader audience.

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