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Richard Gaughan

Main Details

Full name Richard Gaughan
Country United States
Primary language English
Specialist areas

optics, physics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, health and medicine-- -- soccer, soccer officiating-- -- agriculture, food processing, cooking, dining-- -- travel (especially bare-bones travel), motorcycle riding

Editorial work News writing, Features writing
Last updated 01-12-2014 21:20


Science journalist with more than 25 years as a research engineer, primarily developing various advanced optical systems for ground, airborne, and satellite platforms. 14+ years experience reporting on advanced technology and scientific research.

Author of "Accidental Genius," a collection of anecdotes of scientific discoveries spanning centuries of human curiosity. Available at http://tinyurl.com/AccidentalGenius.

Avocational interests include playing and coaching soccer, motorcycle riding/touring, and food and cooking.

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