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John Moulding

Main Details

Full name John Moulding
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Digital terrestrial television (DTT) Cable TV Satellite TV IPTV (Telco TV; Broadband TV) Mobile TV Internet TV (Online TV) Distribution, transport, transmission Content acquisition Video headends Video compression (encoding) Customer premise equipment Home networking (connected home) Content security Video on Demand and other on-demand PVR/DVR and network PVR HDTV Advertising Interactive TV Triple-play and quad-play

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Sub-editing
Last updated 28-09-2011 18:09


I have been writing in the digital TV technology marketplace since 1999 and before becoming a freelance writer in September 2007 was editor of Cable & Satellite International magazine in print and online (Jul 1999- Dec 2005) and editor of New Video Technology in print and online (Jan 2006-Sept 2007). I was also the launch editor of IPTV News Analyst and Mobile TV News Analyst.

I still edit New Video Technology's email newsletter on a freelance basis (www.newvideotechnology.net). If you want to see samples of my work in the television technology sector you can find examples (via links) at www.johnmoulding.tv. I will also be very happy to send you copies of the various magazines I have edited or contributed to.

One of my main strengths is to explain complex technologies in a way that non-engineers will understand (pitched at a business development, marketing and boardroom audience, for example), and discussing their value in the context of general business requirements and trends in the television industry. However, I am also very comfortable providing the technical details that engineers and engineering management will appreciate.

Before covering TV technology I spent two years reporting on aviation business and technology, primarily private/business aircraft, as Chief Reporter of European Business Air News (1994-1996). I began my days working as the inhouse technical writer for a small PR agency covering mechanical engineering, metalworking and general industrial companies and their products.

Primary skills are: feature writing, conference research, news and case studies. I can also write good marketing copy (mostly on websites over the last eight years, but for brochures and even adverts in the past). I am very experienced in magazine layout and design using Quark Express, so can layout news pages and basic spreads up to a good standard if this is required as part of a commission.

I am thorough, accurate and reliable, having worked in sectors that are highly technical and fact-based. I follow the brief given to me (or will agree a departure with the editor first if research opens up new and promising avenues), and deliver on time. Below are the main categories of television technology I have researched and written about on a regular basis, plus some ‘cutting-edge’ subject areas where I can definitely help you with your research, editorial or marketing.


Digital terrestrial television (DTT) networks, platforms and technology systems

Cable TV networks, platforms and technology systems

Satellite TV networks, platforms and technology systems

IPTV networks, platforms and technology systems

Mobile TV networks, platforms and technology systems

Internet TV networks, platforms and technology systems


Distribution and transport networks for all television platform types

Content acquisition and headend processing for all television platform types

Video compression and encoding

Transmission and last mile (access) networks for all television platform types

Customer premise and receive equipment for all television delivery systems

Home networking and ‘connected home’ solutions for television/video

Content security including Conditional Access, DRM and Copy Protection


On-demand video solutions including Video on Demand (VOD), push-VOD and TV-on-demand

PVR/DVR (Personal Video Recorder or Digital Video Recorder) solutions including ‘start-over’ TV type services and full network PVR

HDTV (High-definition TV)

Advanced advertising technologies including on-demand advertising and targeted advertising

Next-generation cable technologies including Cable IPTV, Switched Digital Video (SDV), DOCSIS 3.0, Modular CMTS and channel bonding

Integration of ‘Web 2.0’ innovations (Internet TV, user-generated content, social networking, etc.) into traditional television platforms

Interactive TV that harnesses broadband return paths

Triple-play and quad-play ambitions/strategies for cable, satellite and IPTV platform operators

Satellite transformation from one-way broadcast system to hybrid broadcast and IP broadband network, complete with Video on Demand

My Categories