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David Howell

Main Details

Full name David Howell
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Technology, business, film, science, science fiction.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing
URL http://www.nexuspublishing.co.uk
Media outlets regularly worked for

Police Professional, Sports Insight, B2B Marketing Magazine, PC Plus, The Guardian Business Sense, PCW, Web Designer.

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    Last updated 26-01-2018 12:22


    Nexus Publishing is Dave Howell. I am a freelance journalist and author with ten years of experience writing for a wide variety of publications. I have written for all the major consumer technology and computing magazines, as well as for the Daily Telegraph and The Guardian newspapers. I am the author of five books including two most recently covering e-Business and e-Publishing.

    I have also spent some three years working in the online retail space and now offer a consultancy service for small business who want to move an element or their entire business online. I also offer a copy writing service for businesses covering all written communication.

    Often, the written or printed communications that your company carries out is your first point of contact with new or potential clients; so it is imperative that this written communication is not only professional but also persuasive.

    Nexus Publishing offers a complete service that will ensure all your written communication is suited to its purpose. Is attractive, and above all, communicates your message. With long experience of writing in a wide variety of contexts, you can be assured that the copy that I produce will always be of the highest quality, and will strongly communicate your message.