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Katie Foster

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Full name Katie Foster
Country United Arab Emirates
Primary language English
Specialist areas

I am an American freelance travel journalist currently living in Dubai, UAE whose interests include travel, culture, fashion, food and wine. I enjoy exploring the more off-the-beaten track experiences in my travels while still maintaining a level of luxury.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Photography
URL http://www.arabiantalesandotheramazingadventures.b
Media outlets regularly worked for

Trip Advisor Travel Ink, Dubai, UAE

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    Katie Foster is an American expat freelance travel journalist and photographer living in the United Arab Emirates, formerly in Dubai and currently in Abu Dhabi. Her interests include travel, culture, fashion, food and wine.

    Her blog, “Arabian Tales and Other Amazing Adventures,” relates tales of surviving her first time expat experience of living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi plus her travels around the Middle East. In April 2013, her blog reached 120,000+ (blogspot stats) views with readers 172 different countries averaging 9, 000 views per month. www.arabiantalesandotheramazingadventures.blogpsot.com

    Backed by more than 25 years of experience in corporate, academic and non-profit public relations and writing in the USA, Katie began freelance writing in 2011 after settling in Dubai (her husband took a position there) and has enjoyed exploring this amazing region of the world.

    Through her writings she connects people to the adventure of travel and the appreciation of different cultures. She is a skilled professional who understands deadlines and the need for relevant content that meets the needs and interests of your readers.