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Steve Rowland

Main Details

Full name Steve Rowland
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Tend to specialise in property and property-related issues and as such write the cover stories for two national property magazines (SoldOut and The International Agent) as well as other associated material. Also contribute more grisly stuff for all sorts of magazines and papers - including black market trading in livers and kidneys, prison conditions in Africa and South America, how to fake your own death, and how a whole village in France went mad in the 1950's. Have written for The Guardian, The Independent, Maxim, Bizarre, Front and plenty more. Excellent, varied clippings on request. Oh, and I've never missed a deadline.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing
Media outlets regularly worked for

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    See above. This is the only picture I could find. The cans aren't mine. Well, maybe a couple are.