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Nigel Dickinson

Main Details

Full name Nigel Dickinson
Country France
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Campaigns, publicity, PR, editorial, reportage, advertising, portraits, press, news & features, TV & film stills, aerial, photographer and photojournalist. Filmmaker, director, producer, film cameraman. Based from France and UK, works worldwide. English, fluent french, conversational Spanish. Versatile, experienced photographer & filmmaker. Gets on well with all sorts of people, in all sorts of places. Used to working long hours and delivering to tight deadlines, in difficult, tough and dangerous situations and under harsh conditions, whether its with the moody, stressed or highly strung, or in hot, humid, or cold weather.

Editorial work Photography, Radio, Video
Media outlets regularly worked for

New York Times, The Sunday Times, Figaro Magazine, Stern, GEO, UN, UNEP, BBC, National Geographic, La Vanguardia, The Daily Mail, WE Demain,

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    Nigel Dickinson

    e-mail: nigeldickinson (at)

    B.A Hons Photography/film/Comms Arts - Sheffield University 1979-1982
    Foundation Course in Art & Design - University Central England 1978-1979

    Editorial & photojournalism: Stern, Figaro Magazine, The Sunday Times, National Geographic Magazine, Paris Match, GEO, Le Monde 2, The New York Times, Marie Claire, VSD, Vogue Homme International, D Republica, Zeit, La Vanguardia, The Independent, WE Demain,

    Campaigns: Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, IAEA, UNEP, Amnesty International

    Film & TV Stills: BBC, Channel 4, Carlton

    2011 'Urban Violence' Nicaragua for Red Cross:
    2007 Director: 'The Solar Village' 26min documentary for Tamera Mundo Humanitario:
    2007 Director: 'The Energy Today' 12min film for The International Energy Agency (IEA)
    2000 Expert: Carlton children's TV 'Parsley Parcel'
    1992 Radio: Borneo journey for "Costing the Earth" Radio 4

    2011 Critical Mass Solo Exhibition Award:
    2008 The Press Photographers Year PPY First Prize Features 'Cambodia'
    2000 W.Eugene Smith Memorial Award Runner Up. 'Roma Gypsies across Europe'
    1996 World Press 'Honourable Mention' General News, 'Mad Cows' in Britain
    1992 UNEP Bronze Prize 'Focus On Your World' Earth Summit Rio de Janeiro

    Selected photojournalism assignments & reportage:
    2012 Bhutan 'Gross National Happiness'
    2011 Urban Violence Central America, The Red Cross
    2010 Roma Gypsies Romania & Bulgaria, Figaro Magazine, STERN
    2009/10 Recycling Cambodia. Ex-Khmer Rouge, maternity issues in rural areas
    2008 Roma Gypsy Ambassadors: Paris Match
    2007 Smokey Mountain, Mekong, Cambodian Railways: Foto8, National Geographic
    2006 Chernobyl Ukraine, Belorussia, 20th anniversary: UN, IAEA
    2005 Batak Christians in Sumatra, Indonesia: Figaro Magazine
    2004 Roma Gypsies & borders of a new Europe: Stern, Figaro, D Repubblica
    2003 Islamic Sharia Law Kano Nigeria: Figaro, D Republica, La Vanguardia
    2001 Foot & Mouth UK, Australia cowboys: Le Monde 2, VSD, Animan magazine
    2000 French Forests after the storms: Figaro, GEO, Animan, Terre Sauvage
    1999 Roma Gypsy & Albanian Kosovar Refugees; Stern, Humanitie, the Red Cross,
    1988 Hurricane Mitch, Yanomami & Amazon: Animan, Red Cross
    1996 Mad Cows: Stern, Der Speigel, Sunday Times, Guardian, New Scientist
    1995 End of civil war Guatemala: GEO,VSD, La Vanguardia, Time, Newsweek
    1993-2003 French Gitans, Saintes Maries de la Mer: GEO, Marie Claire, Mare
    1994/5 Hunting wild boar, Ardeche, France; Sunday Independent, Der Speigel
    1993-1995 Environmental Road Protest UK: GEO, Time, Liberation, Guardian
    1994 Bosnia War: Children Direct, The Times, The Guardian
    1989-1992 Deforestation, South East Asia; New Scientist, UNEP, FOE, Greenpeace
    1984/1985 The Miner's Strike: The Guardian, Spokesman Press
    1983/4 South Africa Apartheid: IDAF, The Guardian

    Selected Photographic publications,exhibitions
    2012 Retrospective. Kolga Photo-festival Tbilisi, Georgia
    2012 'Roma-Sinti-Kale-Manush' Autograph Rivington Place, London UK
    2012 'Smokey Mountain' Blue Sky Gallery, Portland USA
    2011 Venice Biennale 'Roma Beyond Borders' multi-media exhibit, Roma Pavilion
    2010 'Smokey Mountain' Jinyang China, Kaunas Lithuania, Krakow month of Photo
    2010 'Roma Beyond Borders' Lighthouse Media Centre UK/Scoop Angers France
    2010 'Twyford Down Road protesters', British exhibition, Lodz Festival Poland
    2009 'Smokey Mountain', group exhibition, Lodz Photo-festival Poland
    2008 'Roma Gypsies beyond borders' Shenyang China TOPS photo festival
    2007-2009 Roma Gypsies: Moving Walls, OSI, New York & Washington
    2005 Oeuil-sur-seyne, Forests & Wind. Roma Gypsies, European Commission Brussels
    2003 Islamic Sharia Law Kano Nigeria, Visa pour L'Image
    2003 'Sara. Le pelerinage des Gitans' (book) Actes Sud, Rencontres Arles, France
    2001 Foot & Mouth in the UK, Visa Pour L'Image,
    2000 Rom Gypsy Exodus Kosovo. Romany in Great Britain, Visa Pour L'Image Festival
    1995 'People and the Land' catalogue/exhibition Staffordshire County Arts Service, UK
    1994 'Road' road protesters, Arts Council of Great Britain, Lighthouse Media Centre, UK
    1993 'Land Rights & Deforestation' exhibition, indigenous peoples, Fotofeis, Scotland
    1993 'On the periphery' exhibition, Smokey Mountain Manilla, The Philippines. Derby
    1992 'Whose hand on the chainsaw' gov't policy & rainforests, Friends of the Earth
    1987 'Hanging On By Your Fingernails' publication/exhibition. The Arts Council of GB.
    1985 'Soweto Country Club' exhibition, race & class in South Africa
    1983 'Demonstrate' Camerawork Photographic Gallery London