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Judy Ridgway

Main Details

Full name Judy Ridgway
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

All aspects of olive oil Quality, taste and flavour Olive and olive oil production from the tree to the table Cooking with olive oil Olive oil nutrition Olive oil and health

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Radio, Video
URL http://www.oliveoil.org.uk
Media outlets regularly worked for

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    Last updated 03-07-2017 11:42


    I am an international expert and judge on olive oil. I have writen four books and numerous articles on the subject.
    I regularly travel to the producing countries in both hemispheres meeting the growers and tasting the oils. I am also in touch with research institutes and universities as well as with importers, retailers, chefs and customers . This winter I have already visited growers and groves in Croatia, Northern Italy and Provence in France. I will be presenting a number of olive oil tasting and appreciation courses in London and Brighton during the rest of 2014.