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George Dryden

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Full name George Dryden
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
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After cutting my teeth at the Leicester Mercury regional newspaper for 8 years, almost a decade on, I am the proud creator of my own website dedicated to veganism, natural health and nutrition. Within the site is a blog, in which I post once a week. There are currently more than 200 posts on many subjects, ranging from the importance of colonics, the dangers of dairy, the astounding healing power of Far Infra-red saunas, and, of course, the daily trials and challenges of being a vegan in a predominantly-carnivorous environment. I am also a keen reviewer of restaurants, obviously with the vegan angle at the forefront, and have written about how and why so many eateries fall short when it comes to delivering plant-based meals to diners. My writing style is often pretty tongue-in-cheek; I find the best way to get serious messages across is through humour, albeit a dry one! Check out my website, and my blog, It Shouldn't Happen to a Vegan, at: www.georgedryden.com

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Sub-editing
URL http://www.georgedryden.com
Media outlets regularly worked for

Leicester Mercury

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    I am a senior, NCTJ-qualified journalist specialising in veganism, food and natural health, with more than 25 years' experience.

    A rich and varied start to my career at the Leicester Mercury has armed me with the confidence and versatility to turn my hand to different forms of the written word, from features and restaurant reviews, to first-person.

    First-person features are a particular strength and my ultimate pleasure; I use my no-nonsense, yet comical approach to deliver serious messages, and to stimulate debate at the very least.

    I LOVE writing about food and the effect that many of the choices people make every day can have a significant impact on their health. I am very much for the view that animal-based diets are the cause of just about every western disease, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. And I will not be swayed from that.