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Jack Oughton

Main Details

Full name Jack Oughton
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

At current I spend the majority of my time as a marketing communications copywriter, or writing about food, and things related to food. I currently have less time to freelance in journalism (also I suck at it) but if your subject is relevant, I'm happy to talk about it! Here are some of my subjects, ranked in some kind of order... Food [I'm Tasting Britain's cofounder and this is my main area of interest at current] Health/Fitness/Nutrition [this is also with Tasting Britain's remit] Technology: Consumer electronics, music technology, digital photography Entertainment: Gaming, Film, Music, Social: Parenting (yes, really) Men’s lifestyle Guides/Informative: local area guides, tech tips, photoshop/photography tutorials, careers guides, social media…

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Picture editing, Photography
URL http://muckrack.com/koukouvaya/portfolio
Media outlets regularly worked for


PR writing Contact me for more information
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Currently a freelance psuedo-journalist and copywriter. I'm also a photographer able to provide SLR quality photography to accompany the words.

Website can be seen at http://muckrack.com/koukouvaya/portfolio

Written Portfolio can be seen at http://jackoughtonwriter.wordpress.com/

Multi faceted creative from Croydon working under the alias of Koukouvaya.

I have written/edited web/print content for the following publications:
• Computeractive
• The Independent
• The Guardian
• Yahoo!/Yahoo OMG!/Yahoo Movies/Yahoo! News
• Q

I have written advertising copy for:
• Smirnoff
• Motorola
• The UFC
• ComfortClick
• Unilever

Thanks for reading!