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Simon Crisp

Main Details

Full name Simon Crisp
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

IT review writing, benchmarking PCs, Note/net books, graphics cards,motherboards, hard drives, memory.

Editorial work News writing
Media outlets regularly worked for

Past: PC Magazine, PCW Current: Computer Active, IT Reviews, Thinq, PC Format, techradar

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    Last updated 17-03-2015 15:47


    I first became involved with computers when I worked as a data control manager for Dream League, the company that introduced the concept of fantasy sports into the UK in 1990. Part of my job was to provide a stats/results service feed of a wide range of sports to a wide and varied range of publications around the world including; The Daily Mail, The European, US Today, Marca, The Irish News and the Star in Malaysia.
    I started working in the publishing field in around 2000, working as a lab rat for PC Magazine UK before working up to becoming Labs Analyst until 2002 when it ceased publication.
    I carried on the same duties at VNU Labs, testing and reviewing all sorts of hardware for Personal Computer World (including writing the components section of the magazine) and to a lesser extent for Computeractive until PCW ceased publication in 2009.
    Now I test and review components for several UK based technology websites and magazines from a small testing labs based in Covent Garden.

    When I'm not testing some graphics card or hard drive or swearing at the latest motherboard I look after UK Food Online (www.ukfoodonline.co.uk), one of the biggest food portals in the UK - think farmers market but with links instead of stalls!!!