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David Marshall

Main Details

Full name David Marshall
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Seasoned copywriter, copy editor, features writer: A skilled and cost effective copywriter of user stories, promotional features and editorial material; in a wide range of fields from engineering and IT to food and outdoor pursuits. With a specialist history in industrial relations (1976-1992) and technical writing (1992-2010), I remain quick and efficient as a perceptive and proficient copy editor; and a capable writer of enertaining and informative features. I am well organised and am often available for other projects. Truthfully no job is ever too small; so please contact me to discuss anything you have in mind. With the bearing and conduct of a committed professional I'm reliable and accomplished, but still easy to chat with, and quite happy to help you explore your own needs if you haven't clarified them yet.

Editorial work Features writing, Sub-editing, Radio, Video
URL http://www.marshall.ie
Media outlets regularly worked for

SoundsWrite PR, Faro, Voice AS, RandoPlus, walkingwithdavid.com;Skerries News. Misc. periodicals, various local newspapers, radio. Publishers: Constable, Frances Lincoln.

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    Currently engaged in a diverse profile: Writing user stories for FARO (3D imaging and laser scanning), researching the 3rd (online/app) edition of Best Walks in Ireland, authoring the materials for a number of training courses, and regularly delivering varied magazine features. All of which should illustrate at least a portion of my broad experience, my range of competencies and my ability to address a wide range of audiences in different environments and through differing media.

    Personal interests:
    As a published poet, I also perform occasionally for fun. Hobbies include anything with mountains, wind and water. From mountaineering and trekking to sailing and cruiser yacht racing; kite buggying to x-country skiing. I am an amateur naturalist and have an active interest in the natural and built environments, architecture, vernacular architecture and heritage. I am active within a number of community organizations and a former cruiser-class captain.

    Café.BLOG (www.cafe.ie) and ifeck (http://www.ifeck.com) are two diverse blogs I write because I feel passionate about a getting a good cup of coffee and because I enjoy the opportunity to express my experience of technologies.

    I am currently working out of Dublin with regular working bases in Nottingham and SW France. I travel the EU/Scandinavia frequently.

    Phone or text me: RoI: 087 631 3088. UK: 079 4041 9030,
    email: david@marshall.ie