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David Smith

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Full name David Smith
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

I currently specialise in military history, but have also written on more general history topics, sports (including rugby union and American football) and have also worked as a ghostwriter.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing
URL http:www.davidmsmith.co.uk
Media outlets regularly worked for

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    I have been a freelance journalist for 21 years and a professional writer for 27, having been lucky enough to land a staff writer's job straight out of university.

    My latest book, 'Whispers Across the Atlantick', will be published by Bloomsbury/Osprey in July and considers the career of the British general William Howe.

    I have also had three earlier books published by Osprey. 'Sherman's March to the Sea 1864', 'New York 1776' and 'Camden 1780' cover key battles and campaigns in the American Civil War and the American War of Independence.

    On a different tack entirely, I also wrote '100 Classic Toys' for Vivays Publishing, in 2011. This book didn't have anywhere near as much fighting in it as the others—although I did manage to include toy soldiers in the 100 toys featured.