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Anne Hunt

Main Details

Full name Anne Hunt
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

News. Anne Hunt (Staff) Political Editor and TV Presenter, International and Euro-Zone Politics for 'Affiliated Press Euro-Zone.' An English-French, Print Journalist and Political Editor who has also a web site presence on a number of news and review sites. Commenced her career as Junior Journalist for UPI in the mid 1990 period.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Video
URL http://AffiliatedPress.net
Media outlets regularly worked for

Affiliated Press Euro-zone Cardiff Center and Publicist for Digidoc Records, Bath, UK. Consultant for Alex Sors Consultancy.

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    Has worked - on and off, for Affiliated Press International - as a Print Journalist, Foreign Correspondent and Political Editor since 1997 (staff) Before then was an UPI Junior Correspondent. Current position, Political Editor for 'Affiliated Press Euro-zone' and 'AP News Euro-Zone.' Also has a weekly French TV program covering news items on international politics.

    BA in Political Science and MA in English Literature from The University of Oxford.