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Dave Madden

Main Details

Full name Dave Madden
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Subject specialities include: . business and finance, . management consuting, . technology, . innovation, . education, . and Irish affairs.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Editing, Sub-editing
Media outlets regularly worked for

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    Last updated 18-05-2015 12:02


    Dave Madden has thirty years experience writing and editing

    He is a former Editor of Computer Weekly, one of the UK's biggest business titles.

    In his freelance career, he has worked long spells as contracted feature writer for The Financial Times, and been a regular contributor to other national and international newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal and The Independent. He has edited business magazines and journals in the UK and USA, most recently The Accountant, International Accounting Bulletin, and Management Consultant International.

    Madden has also written for many of the world’s biggest corporations from Microsoft to Accenture, where he was corporate hack for a decade.

    He is based in Manchester and Mayo.