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Main Details

Full name Eric PASQUIER
Country France
Primary language French
Specialist areas

Reportages photos et textes: Grands reportages, voyages, tourisme, culture,nature, aventure, ethnologie, newsmagazine, people, insolite, etc...

Editorial work News writing, Editing, Photography
Media outlets regularly worked for

The Cover story, Voyageurs, Univers des Voyages, Géo, etc... ainsi que de nombreux magazines en Europe et à l'étranger.

PR writing Contact me for more information
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Tous les details sur mon site: puis cliquez dans "biography"

Eric Pasquier
Photo Reporter

I work as a photo reporter for more than 17 years and I publish on 5 continents in about 45 different countries.
I realise mostly magazine features and I' m a "specialist" in anything « crazy, unique and incredible » on earth.

Spoken languages : French-English-Spanish

On assignment, I also did some « people » photo stories on :
HRH Sultan Azlan Shah, King of Malaysia
HRH Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand
Président Alberto Fujimori, (Peru)
Mario Vargas Llosa, writer (Peru)
Imelda Marcos & her family (Philippines)
HRH Tupou IV, King of Tonga (Polynesia)
King of Benin, (Africa)
Prince of Bourbon Parme, (Austria)
HRH Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan de Bruneï (Borneo isl.)
Président A.Stroessner, (Paraguay)
Président Abdulaye Wade & Viviane Wade, (Sénégal)
President Jiang Zeming (China) together with Président Flosse in Tahiti (French Polynesia).
From six to eight months a year, I’m still roving the world to realise new feature stories.

Main publications in France: Figaro magazine, Paris - Match, Géo, Grands- reportages, VSD, Le Point , Point de vue, l’Express, Playboy, Groupe Marie-Claire, Bayard Presse,Hachette-filipacchi, Paris s/la terre, Etc...

Abroad : Stern, Bunte, Life, Geo, Animan, Ola, Sunday Time, Bizarre, Inflight magazines, Worldgraphic, the Earth, Sontag, Natur, Femina, Animan, Newsweek, Maxim, GQ,Traveller, CKM, Etc...

1990 : Participation in the book « Chic & Toc » Balland editions.

1991 : Participation in the book "His Majesty: Sultan Azlan Shah" Pelanduk publications in Kuala Lumpur ( Malaysia).

1998 : Publication of a book in French and in English on the Philippines called:
" Archipelago of Smiles ". Le Cherche midi, editor in Paris.

The launching of the book took place in the Philippines at "the Coconut Palace" Manila in presence of the Filipino government and Mr Louis-Paul Heussaff, co-editor & chairman of "Supply Oilfield Services"

1999 : Participation in the book " His Majesty:King Bhumibol Adulyadej " with The Royal Palace of Bangkok.

Edition in the Philippines and in Australia, of postcards & calendars.
Realisation of various brochures for differents Governments and industries.

During the past 10 years, many contracts signed with governments such as the Philippines to set up and create their own photo-library " Free of rights ".

Exhibitions : " The Princesses of Silver " (Miaos minorities - Guizhou province- China).

2001: Asian Ave George V - Paris VIII
Fnac head office - PARIS
City of St Quentin en Yvelines ( 78 )
City of Lille
City of Creteil, for the Chinese Film festival 2001
April 2001: Reportage in Tahiti on The President of the Republic of China's 1st visit in French Polynesia at the residence of the President G.Flosse.

September 2001 : Participation in the book « Stylos de légende » SOLAR editions.

Avril-Mai 2002 : The famous Swiss Magazine " ANIMAN " publish a 16 pages portfolio on my work in south east Asia .

October 2002 : The French magazine "Univers des Voyages" publish a 15 pages portfolio
on my work on the Australian Outback.

Since september 2002, permanent exibition "smiles of the World":
In Paris-La Défense, the "Toit de la Grande Arche" (roof top) exibit 20 portraits ( 80 x 80 cm) of women, men & children representing fraternity on 5 continents.

Exhibition on China:

From november 2002 to January 2003 at the St Priest's city hall ( Lyon)

2003 : Hotel "Le Bristol" Fg St Honoré in Paris

February 2003 : Edition of posters on Vietnam, Ladakh, Australia, Madagascar, editions "PITERAK"

July-September 2003 : Exibition on the "Australian Outback", 50 prints (180 x120 cm) at the Australian Embassy in Paris

2004 : A book made with UNICEF / RECTO VERSO on « Children of the world » all profits given to Unesco-Unicef.

2005 : Reportages in Asia, Africa, Australia & French Polynesia mostly for « Le Figaro magazine »

Avril 2005 : The famous Finish Magazine " LIBRIS " publish a Pasquier portfolio on « Smiles of the World ».

2006 : In GEO Russia, photo-reportages are published on 6 to 10 pages monthly.
New stories in Cape Green, Malaysia, Laos.

2006-2007 : In preparation with French and foreign publishers :

- A book on the most beautiful minorities of China : Miaos (Guizhou) - Biasha (Guanxi) - Dong (Guizhou) - Wa (Yunnan) - Yamis (Taîwan).

- A book on women’s beauty all over the world.

- A book on the « Australian Outback » and a coffee table book on « Photojournalism ».

- At the Paris head office of THAI Airways on Champs-Elysées, photo exibition on « Outback » Australia..

2007 : Reportages planned in Peru, New zealand, Azores, Japan, Congo Brazzaville and Vanuatu.