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Jonathan Langley

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Full name Jonathan Langley
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Comment on news, politics, media and society from a Christian and Christian leftist perspective. Reviews of music and film from a Christian perspective. Specialist knowledge of Christian rock, metal, hip-hop and alternative scenes. Features-writing on social justice issues, from economics to law and politics. Recording, presenting and editing podcasts and radio from talk-format to music, traditional features and documentary.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing, Photography
URL http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/jonty-langley/
Media outlets regularly worked for

Huffington Post Blogs (religion, politics, comedy, entertainment)

PR writing Contact me for more information
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I comment on current affairs from a Christian perspective with a leftist political slant and a theology that is evangelical (to post evangelical).

My work has been featured in Christianity magazine, Christian Today, The Baptist Times, Reform, EthicsDaily in the States and a number of other publications. I blog regularly for the Evangelical Alliance's Threads 20-30something blog and have been a regular contributor to their Friday Night Theology blog, as well as writing similarly devotional materials for Stewardship's 40 Acts Lent series.

I was for many years the weekly news columnist at The Baptist Times and have also been involved projects such as The Narnian Socialist Review and various materials for Greenbelt festival.

I review music, films and occasionally theatre for a number of publications and have a background in Alternative music radio and club DJing.

I also edit a theology/philosophy publication for Christian leaders and oversee and Editorial team that produces several quarterly magazines for a missionary charity.

I read Philosophy and English Literature at university and was born in South Africa.