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Huw Collingbourne

Main Details

Full name Huw Collingbourne
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Opinion/humour. Programming (Flash/Flex/ActionScript, Ruby, Delphi, C#, .NET). Editing.Columnist, Writing/scripting/presenting, 1980s pop music!

Editorial work Features writing, Editing, Radio, Video
URL http://www.bitwisemag.com
Media outlets regularly worked for

Flash&Flex Developer's Magazine, PC Pro, IT Expert, Bitwise Magazine

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    Editor of Bitwise Magazine http://www.bitwisemag.com - originator and writer of the Rants and Raves column in Computer Shopper, subsequently in PC Plus and now for Bitwise magazine online http://www.rantsandraves.co.uk. Section editor for Flash&Flex Developer's Magazine, also writes for PC Pro and IT Expert. Author of The Book Of Ruby (No Starch Press) and the Little Book Of Ruby, co-developer of the Ruby In Steel IDE for developing Ruby in Visual Studio and the Amethyst (Adobe Flex) IDE for Visual Studio. Freelance writer, broadcaster, publisher, editor. Writes the 'Direction Inc.' humour/fiction column for IT Expert. Huw has done everything from scripting and presenting a series on the history of computing for the BBC to publishing an adult humour magazine (which was promptly banned!). He writes regularly on Ruby, Flex, C#, .NET, Delphi and other programming languages. Other Interests:
    - aikido (he's 2nd dan but out of practice!)
    - languages (French - ok; Welsh - not so good; Italian - a beginner).
    - Tarot, film noir, locked room murder mysteries, 1970s and 1980s pop music.

    Huw has also written for women's magazines, teenage magazines, general interest, hobby magazines and newspapers.

    Formerly a pop music journalist (in the '80s) Huw now runs the '80s site: The 80s Empire. He has an independent publishing site at Dark Neon htpp://www.darkneon.com.

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