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Graham Allick

Main Details

Full name Graham Allick
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

Motoring: Author of the Money Saving Motoring Manual, tweet as @Motoring4Less --- Consumer Electronics: The Modern Technology Madness --- Technologist & Corporate IT: 30 years experience in IT consulting, Futurologist exploring the evolution of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), tweet as @C2H2G --- Gay Interests from a "non-scene" perspective: Gay, A Small Word With Big Baggage Gay Motoring - tweet as @Gaycars

Editorial work
Media outlets regularly worked for

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    My interest in cars has verged on obsessive since before I could walk. Motoring magazines were devoured throughout my teenage years and I couldn't wait to get behind the wheel of the fastest, sexiest wheels that my limited funds could buy.

    For my 14th birthday I received a Sinclair ZX81, thus spawning my second all-consuming passion: computing. This was more fruitful and lead to a career in IT. By the age of 21 I was working as a consultant driving hot hatches at the expense on my employer. It wasn’t until I exchanged a company car for the cash allowance that I started to appreciate how expensive it was to run any car, let alone a performance one. At least I didn’t have to fund the extortionate insurance premiums until I was over 30.

    Another major influence in my life has been my minority sexuality. A Northern upbringing gave me the mentality that my urges were a phase that I would outgrow; My homosexuality was something to hide. Thus I moved away from home and throughout my 20’s suppressed my partnering instincts. Instead I absorbed myself in my IT work, loving the need to drive 25,000 miles each year.

    We all know that suppressed feelings don’t stay suppressed forever and my sexuality came to the forefront at the age of 30. My work lead me to Manchester where I bought a flat within spitting distance of Canal Street. I may have been gay for a while but now I feel uncomfortable with that tag and all the associations. I’m a happy homosexual, settled in Surrey.

    My latest 'obsession' is my movie, working title "Conversations". It is a political drama that transposes the themes covered by the best selling books by Neale Donald Walsh (Conversations with God) into a scenario involving the US President.

    I keep my other interests ticking over trough twitter were I can be found as;
    @Gaycars - combining my sexuality and my motoring passion
    @Motoring4less - helping motorists to save money
    @C2H2G - exploring the future evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    @ConversationsMV - expanding the horizons for my movie