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Alison Kervin

Main Details

Full name Alison Kervin
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

I write about all sorts of things, but especially sports and great sporting characters. I also run media training courses... MEDIA TRAINING COURSES: i have a two hour 'Understanding The Media' course which explains everything you need to know about getting into the media and working with the media. I have run this for Olympians, rugby players and companies including I also run a story telling course, based on the principle that story telling is the new 'branding' and how to create and generate stories about your company and get them talked about. This is also a two hour course. The website for courses is: THE OLYMPIC GAMES: I have brilliant access to Olympians, and have been writing an enormous number of Olympics features ... a series of interviews with Olympians for the Financial Times magazine, including Roger Federer, Usain Bolt and Oscar Pistorius, Olympic articles for The Sun, the Daily Mail and The Times, and lots of Olympic features for Reader's Digest and Radio Times. WAGS I also write a great deal about Wags, having written three novels about Wags in the past. I have a book coming out in mid-May, entitled 'Wags Guide To Euro 2012' which is a great, fun look at the European Championships from the wags' point of view. There's lots of silliness, like a wag's drinking game and the A-Z of behaving like a wag, as well as deadly serious chapters,like understanding the rules of football through burping, farting and shopping. I will be writing a great deal about wags for anyone interested in taking features throughout the European Championships.

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Alison Kervin is an award-winning journalist, biographer and novelist. She has written eleven books, has been a magazine editor, magazine publisher and chief sports feature writer of both The Times and the Daily Telegraph. She won the Woman of Achievement Award for sport in Cosmopolitan magazine and has previously won Feature Writer of the Year, Interviewer of the Year and Magazine Editor of the Year. She was the first female presenter on Rugby Special, the first woman to referee at Twickenham, and has written short stories, columns and interviews for publications as diverse as The Spectator, New Statesman, Company, Woman’s Own, Vogue, New York Times, Sydney Morning Herald, That’s Life, You magazine, The Mail on Sunday, Country Life and Tatler.