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Permjit Singh

Main Details

Full name Permjit Singh
Country United Kingdom
Primary language English
Specialist areas

1 Business finance (including SMEs) 2 Financial markets and global financial crisis 3 Derivatives to manage currency, credit, and interest rate risk; 4 Corporate financial risk management; 5 Asset securitisation; 6 Commercial finance products (e.g., invoice discounting, leasing, mortgages) 7 UK Property market.

Editorial work News writing, Features writing
Media outlets regularly worked for

I have had articles published in various publications including: the Treasurer, International Securitisation Report, Investopedia, and Chiswick Herald and Chiswick Herald Magazine. My writing portfolio may be seen at

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    Dr Permjit Singh PhD

    Dr Singh is a London-based financial writer.

    His articles on corporate finance have been published since the early 1990s in trade journals including The Treasurer, Corporate Finance, International Securitisation Report, and online (Investopedia and GT News).

    He has written many pieces on business for the Chiswick & Kew Herald newspaper.

    He has self-published two books (both published in 2016)
    1 An introduction to the City and global financial services
    2 yogaplusexercise

    Permjit's professional and academic career:
    Permjit has over 10 years of experience of the financial management of large financial services companies, working primarily in their treasury departments managing their debt and cash positions. His diploma of the Association of Corporate Treasurers in 1992 has provided a firm foundation in the practice of corporate treasury management. He has a PhD in finance (asset securitisation) and holds the Certificate in Corporate Finance from the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments (CISI). He obtained a Diploma (with Merit) in Jan 2017 from the College of Media and Publishing in Financial Journalism

    Permjit has also delivered numerous corporate finance courses ranging from international finance, financial accounting, asset securitisation, credit derivatives, corporate treasury management, and corporate financial risk management, at pre-university, undergraduate, postgraduate, vocational, and professional level.

    His business website is

    Feedback on Dr Singh's writing:
    "...the content of your articles and your knowledge on the subject matter is very good..." [Senior Editor]

    "Permjit, I read your article on "The challenging role of the Corporate Treasurer" and I found it very interesting"

    “I must admit... that the articles are rather well written.” [Managing Editor]

    "The article is very clear and well written and the subject is certainly relevant for JCTM’s readers." [Publisher]

    " Hi Singh,
    I think it reads really well - lets [sic] go with that." [Editor]

    “Thanks for these article - really good content.” [Publisher]

    "Great. Its [sic] really well written." [Publisher]